First Date Ideas

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  • Keith727 ( 63 / M / Perth, Western Australia )

    Just each other, getting know more of who we are. Discovering what makes us laugh, get passed that scary first moment what do I say, will I stick my foot in it.

  • maybeyou71 ( 46 / M / Sunderland, England - Tyne and Wear )

    what would be best way to meet fellow nudists

  • Bman01 ( 45 / M / Columbia, MO )

    We should introduce ourselves to each other at a cafe or some other public place.

  • ejufenvy ( 48 / M / Titusville, FL )

    I'm very Open to suggestions But I can also be a little timid Please Be patience with me

  • DivPlayfulDom ( 54 / M / Voorhees, NJ )

    Like a first meeting to be relaxed, comfortable for both to discuss relationship goals, experience in lifestyle, favorite places, etc. If we click, the meeting can be extended!

  • devonsunworship ( 60 / M / Holsworthy, England - Devon )

    A meal or a drink near to a naturist beach or pool. If we get on we should take a swim together.

  • forestcityguy ( 56 / M / London, ON )

    First date could be a coffee shop meet and greet; this being safe for both. Date could be dinner in a quieter place so we can connect and possibly an activity after like a stroll in a park.

  • Alive82 ( 34 / W / Burwood, New South Wales )

    Open to anything. Just a casual first meet, coffee, lunch? then maybe onto nudist beach depending on the weather

  • jines47 ( 44 / M / Villeneuve sur lot, Aquitaine )

    Bonjour faire des rencontres dans la région

  • mafree ( 52 / M / Mansfield, MA )

    Probably something low key and easy like coffee or a walk, although willing to meet buff somewhere if my partner wants to.

  • soltoo ( 61 / M / townsville, Queensland )

    Does not really mather as long as we are both comfortable

  • nightwood35 ( 36 / M / Waldron, AR )

    well I am working on getting my license use to living in a small town that has all you need just a jump away with a cab company in it and not charge a arm and a leg just to get a round you know what i am saying.

  • Atlashrggd64 ( 52 / M / Boston, MA )

    For me a simple casual meeting at a coffee or tea house something low stress where one can talk and get to know another person

  • perrcat ( 35 / M / Champaign, IL )

    how about we go 2 a nice cafe then go 2 one of the local theaters

  • Blueriver99 ( 50 / M / Albuquerque, NM )

    A hike to the hot springs. But meeting for coffee is fine too.

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